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The territory

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The territory

Fossano is situated in the middle of the Province of Cuneo in a very good position to go to a one day trip to alba, to the Langhe an to the Roero

The pearl of the Langa, Barolo, is famous for its wine and for the artistic weeks of collisioni and it is far from fossano 18 km.

Delle Paci City, Cherasco is an old village which is perfectly preserved and if you valk along its streets you can breath history and old atmosfhere. It has also got a green with 18 holes and it is 15 km far away from Fossano.

Fossano is also near to Cuneo, to the ski runs in Limone Piemonte, to the ones in tenda, in france, and to the suggestive valley of the wonders but also near to Savona and Torino.

Fossano is known for the confectionery companies where they produce chocolate and “panettone”(typical christmas italian cake) and it has got a quite famous old town centre with the Acaja Castle where they celebrate, each Gune, the “Goose Palio”.

All around the city there is a tree-lined avenue called “la lingera” which overlooks on the river park of the river stura you can have a romantic walk there and it is the starting point for the naturalistic walk named “del pescatore” which crosses the river thanks to the restauration of an old railway bridge.

Every wednesday you can find a colourful market in the inner city which is the witness of an old tradition.